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Whahoo,bass season is almost upon us, pa

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Whahoo,bass season is almost upon us, pa

Post by Admin on Sun May 05, 2013 2:16 pm

Yeah, the season is about to begin. My son is gett'n 12 days off of work next month and coming to visit and fish. Pa has a wide variety of game fish, I live in a nice location surrounded by creeks, lake's, rivers and streams.
Its been a very long winter this year and everyone is anxious to hit the water. I have several new lures I made I know i'm just dying to snatch a hog. I love bass, but in the fall I even better, pike & muskie. A lot of these new lures at the store w/bright green and a bunch of bright colors is more for your appeal and not so much the fish's. Well what do I mean by that?
Fish's pupils can only see shades in black, white & all rest in a dull pinkish shades. This means that are use to see nature bait in their nature colors and they see it in their shades, but when you use brighter colors, you may not get as many fish caught as if you were to use natural colors. The lure business does not want ya to know that, because its a billion dollar business which always needs to change things to keep the cash flowing. So for the most part, I airbrush with much softer colors such as, white, light & dark grey, dark green, light & dark brown, black & pink, red.
For those who do build lures, know the pride ya feel when you catch a monster on it.
I really hope we get a lot more rain this year. Last year it stopped in june & barely any rain again till September. Really messed up how they were feeding.
If you have any thoughts or comments, pls feel free to respond. TY 4 reading.

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